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My grumbling stomach led me to growing some of what I eat, and my curiosity led me to investigate the flavours and plants beyond those in the shops. As a result I’ve grown perhaps a wider range of edible plants than anyone in the country, and when I’m not gardening I’m writing about it or cooking from it.

Tell us about your own garden, or your hopes for it?

18 months ago we moved from 17 acres of forest garden, kitchen garden and orchards to a medium sized garden where every inch is precious. We let everything have a year of us watching and seeing what was here, and now we are planting herbs, fruit, perennial edibles, creating raised beds and much more.

What is your favourite rose?

Lady of the Lake. My 16 year old daughter bought me this pale pink, bright scented, repeat flowering rambler and I love everything about it

Which famous garden would you most like to be trapped in over night?

A decade or so ago, I was staying at Sissinghurst and had a whistlestop tour of the gardens with Adam Nicholson. The light in the white garden was extraordinary as the sun dipped quickly; I’d like longer and to see it as the sun rose the next morning.


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