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Linda Chalker Scott is an associate professor at Washington State University with a great reputation for applying science to garden and landscape practice, nailing myths as she goes.




Tell us about your own garden, or your hopes for it? 

In 2017 we moved to my family farm, which has an acre of landscape around the farmhouse (which is nearly 100 years old). Our goal is to maintain our centuries-old Garry oaks (Quercus garryana), as well as our heirloom apple and pear trees and massive rhododendrons, while adding new landscape elements to increase our enjoyment outdoors. And we’ve put in two keyhole raised beds for growing our own veggies.

What is the most important task in your garden this month?

Once the snow is gone, I am applying more arborist wood chip mulch to keep spring weeds from emerging!

What is your favourite rose?

I’m a sucker for ‘Peace’ roses. We had a large one at our very first house and the smell was heavenly. It required no care and the colors were gorgeous.

Which famous garden would you most like to be trapped in over night?

I visited RHS Wisley on a rainy spring day. I wouldn’t mind being trapped there for a few days!

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