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Sally Gregson – Epimediums and Friends

Sally Gregson – Epimediums and Friends

We’re all familiar with those low ground-covering Epimediums, that usefully make a bid for world domination in dry shade. But of late plant-hunters have scoured the remotest parts of Sichuan and Yunnan in China and discovered dozens more species. They have brought them home to the UK and the US where specialist growers have been breeding new, big, beautiful forms for our shady gardens with rich soil. The acid-loving Japanese forms have also been undergoing a renaissance with breeders producing some with larger flowers in all tones of pink, white and purple.

Join us for a look at the traditional varieties and their planting companions, and meet some of the beautiful new species and hybrids that are currently in circulation in the US, Australia, and Europe.

30 days access – $15 – or equivalent at current exchange rate (£10-£11 UK, €12-€13) plus sales tax if charged. Members get 50% off with their discount code.

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