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Designing for year-round interest in a Mediterranean climate garden

Imogen Checketts and Kate Dumbleton run a planting design business near Carcassonne in South-West France where they also have a small nursery of plants grown from their demonstration garden – Le Jardin Champetre

In this webinar, they will present a palette of plants for year-round interest in a Mediterranean-climate garden. There will be an emphasis on how they use colour, light, movement and structure to create gardens that are easy to maintain and require little or no watering in the medium- and long-term.

You will learn:
– a list of plants to use in a Mediterranean-climate garden including grasses, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, ground covers and lawn alternatives;
– how to combine these plants in layers in order to create a planting design that changes and works as an artist’s garden;
– where these plants come from and how to prune and edit to help them thrive throughout the year;
– which plants can work well in seasonal bouquets.

Unedited sub-titles

Plant nursery / Pépinière

$15 – or equivalent at current exchange rate (£10-£11 UK, €12-€13) plus sales tax if charged. Members get 50% off with their discount code.

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