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Dan Hinkley plants Windcliff

In 2000, Dan Hinkley and his partner Robert Jones began the process of their second home and garden, having originally built Heronswood (9 miles to the west).  Called Windcliff, it is indeed a blustery site, south facing over looking the Salish Sea with Mt Rainier and the skyline of Seattle in the distance.  The two began a process of designing and building both a home and garden on 6.5 acres of glacial till.  Dan will discuss his inspirations, intent and processes of approaching his goals, including his legendary assemblage of plants and a hardscape that both celebrates the site while providing habitat and refuge for a significant inventory of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. 

$15 – or equivalent at current exchange rate (£10-£11 UK, €12-€13) plus sales tax if charged. Members get 50% off with their discount code.


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