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Cassian Schmidt – In wild company – peonies interpreted differently

Cassian Schmidt – In wild company – peonies interpreted differently

Peonies are among the finest but also the most exuberant flowers in the garden, and they are not so easy to combine with other perennials. Because of this, they are often used all by themselves. But if you – like Cassian Schmidt – get inspired by their wild locations, you can come up with completely new ideas and combinations that are a little bit wilder. In his lecture, Cassian will take us to the European and Chinese wild habitats of peonies, but also give insights into the cultural context of the peonies in the gardens and monasteries of China. Cassian shares his more than 20 years of practical experience with perennial and shrub peonies in Hermannshof Garden and will show a wealth of interesting combinations with perennials and bulbous plants – even beyond the peony season.

$15 – or equivalent at current exchange rate (£10-£11 UK, €12-€13) plus sales tax if charged. Members get 50% off with their discount code.

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